Leadership Development Workshops/Programs

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) provides solutions to many of society’s most pressing problems.

Diversity in the field leads to diversity of solutions.

However there is a significant lack of diversity in STEM fields.

2/3 of scientists/engineers are White and most of them are male.

We believe women are an important segment of untapped talent in STEM that can lead us to the next generation of  innovation and invention. 

Our programs support leadership development, career advancement and retention of women/girls in STEM fields.

Women In STEM Leadership Series

WISE Women Leadership Accelerator
Leadership and Career Building Mini Course (Virtual or In Person)
WISE Women Leadership Career Cultivation Circles (c3)
3 Month Leadership  and Career Planning Program (Virtual)

Women of Color STEM Leadership Lab

An online community that provides professional development workshops, career resources and networking for graduate level and early career women of color in STEM.


Dr. Scyatta Wallace had a successful career as a hip hop dancer during her teens which along with dedication to academics, strong mentoring and hard work helped to land her a dream spot at an Ivy League college. She then embarked on a successful career as a tenured professor and nationally recognized scientist. In her keynote, she shares her stories of growing up in low income housing, where violence and apathy were the norm.  She details her journey to becoming a Yale graduate, PhD under 30 and leader in her STEM field.

Topics covered:

  • Be Your Best
  • Persevere Through Challenge
  • Work Hard
  • Identify Support
  • Recognize Your Leadership Potential and Gifts


Workshop Facilitation

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Workshops (race, gender, and cultural context)
  • Professional Development Training (leadership skills)

Content Creation specializing in leadership AND CAREER development 

  • Multi-session culturally tailored curriculum
  • Interactive webinars and online educational panels
  • Half-day events/retreats/conferences

Technical Assistance

  • Needs Assessment
  • Organizational Strategic Planning