Career Readiness & Leadership Development Programs

STEM provides solutions to many of society’s most pressing problems

Diversity in STEM = Diversity of Solutions

However there is a significant lack of diversity in STEM fields.

2/3 of scientists/engineers are White and most of them are male.


Dr. Wallace’s programs and services are offered through Janisaw Company LLC. 

At Janisaw Company, we believe women are an important segment of untapped talent in STEM 

 We serve schools, companies and non-profit organizations through our gender specific and culturally tailored programs

Our goal is to assist our clients in retaining, promoting and supporting the success of women/girls in STEM fields. 

Schools, Universities & Youth Serving Organizations

  • Do you experience challenges with girls/young women pursuing STEM education and obtaining STEM degrees?
  • Are you looking for ways to engage the girls/young women you serve in exploring STEM careers?

Our Young SiS Leader™ workshop provides tools to increase self-confidence among girls/young women in their ability to be successful and thrive in STEM.  90 min session (Virtual or In Person)

STEM Companies

  • Do you have difficulty finding and keeping new female STEM hires at your institution/company?
  • Is it costing you lots of time and money having to rehire/retrain?
  • Are you searching for effective ways to support women through their career progression in STEM?

Research shows foundational career skills are often what’s missing in the transition from the STEM classroom to the STEM workplace.

Our Success in STEM™ programs are designed to help women in STEM develop key career building skills.

Bring us in for a keynote, workshop or sponsor women in your organization to participate in our programs:

  1. SiS Leader™ workshop: Navigating gender based barriers and thriving as a woman in STEM. 90 min interactive session (Virtual or In Person)
  2. SiS Leader Career Cultivation Circles™ (C3) Program.  3- month virtual program designed to help early career women in STEM identify and create a career success plan.
  3. SiS Leader Lab™ Year Long digital curriculum designed to equip early career women in STEM with career building and leadership skills.


Motivational Keynote

Dr. Scyatta Wallace had a successful career as a hip hop dancer during her teens which along with dedication to academics, strong mentoring and hard work helped to land her a dream spot at an Ivy League college. She then embarked on a successful career as a tenured professor and nationally recognized scientist. 

In this engaging and inspiring message, Dr. Wallace shares her stories of growing up in low income housing, where violence and apathy were the norm and details her journey to becoming a Yale graduate, PhD under 30 and leader in her STEM field.  This keynote outlines her Success in STEM™ toolkit for how to navigate gender based barriers and thrive as a woman in STEM.

STEM Pipeline Advocacy Keynote

With over a decade of experience as a researcher, tenured professor/student advisor and STEM advocate serving on several national diversity committees, Dr. Wallace provides the audience with practical strategies and tools to support their STEM pipeline efforts. This call to action keynote highlights STEM workforce development needs and offers data driven and evidence based strategies to enhance recruitment and retention efforts.  



We provide consultative/advisory services to STEM companies/organizations who are looking for support to enhance their recruitment, retention and success outcomes for girls/women.

GENDER AUDIT NEEDS ASSESSMENT:  Review existing program materials for gender inclusivity and tailoring to the unique needs of girls/women.

OUTCOME METRICS AND EVALUATION:  Develop recruitment, retention and success outcome metrics.

TAILORED RECRUITMENT, RETENTION AND CAREER SUCCESS PROGRAMS:  Design new offerings or enhance existing programs.