Dr. Wallace conducts online and in person interactive workshops, panels and multi-session programs that can be offered at schools, leadership conferences, summer programs, orientation activities, retreats, and other events.


 Women of Color STEM Leadership Lab

Professional development, leadership skills building and mentorship programs for graduate level and early career women of color in STEM.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) is at the center of most forms of innovation. However there is a significant lack of diversity in those fields.

2/3 of scientists/engineers are White and most of them are male.

We believe women of color are an important segment of untapped potential that can lead us into the next generation of innovation and invention. Our programs support their career development and retention in STEM fields.


Focusing on teen girls/young women, Dr. Scyatta Wallace will share tools for how to build confidence and develop leadership potential.

Topics Covered includes:

  • Learning to love yourself
  • Dealing with emotions
  • Speaking confidently
  • Communicating to Others

THE MIND MAKEOVER® comes in three different formats depending on what fits best with an organization’s needs. We offer:

  • THE MIND MAKEOVER®, an interactive workshop for small groups.   This workshop is one hour in length and includes hands on activities about the main tenants of the workshop.  
  • THE MIND MAKEOVER®  retreat, is an in-dept session for small groups.   This workshop is three-four hours in length and provides a lot of interaction and Q & A time.   
  • THE MIND MAKEOVER®  maintenance package, is a series which includes 4 one-hour sessions that can be facilitated per week or per month.
  • Testimonials

    “THE MIND MAKEOVER allowed our most vulnerable students to take center stage and shine. Dr. Wallace allowed students to express themselves and share their thoughts and feelings through art and words. Many of the girls were initially nervous about presenting during THE MIND MAKEOVER workshop, but because of the nonthreatening environment Dr. Wallace created, the girls surprised themselves and enjoyed the process. They now have a confidence to assert themselves in the classroom and beyond. Thank you, Dr. Wallace, for offering this priceless workshop.”

    Amy, NYC Teacher

  • Testimonials

    “I loved the part where go to be on the spot because it let everyone know a little about me because it really helped me.”

    Asia, 20 Years

  • Testimonials

    “I liked when we got to create a sort of collage with what we like about ourselves.”

    Caitlin, 11 Years


Dr. Scyatta Wallace had a successful career as a hip hop dancer during her teens which along with strong mentoring and hard work helped to land her a dream spot at an Ivy League college. She then embarked on a successful career as a professor and nationally recognized scientist. In her keynote, she shares her stories of growing up in low income housing, where violence and apathy was the norm to becoming a Yale graduate and PhD under 30.

Topics covered:

  • Be Your Best
  • Persevere Through Challenge
  • Work Hard
  • Identify Support
  • Testimonials

    “There is a whole lot of great advice. Thank you so much for this insight. It was a great help.”

    Brittney, 16 years

  • Testimonials

    “The academy could not have been such a wonderful program without your involvement. Your discussion and insights were a highlight of the academy. It was especially inspirational for the girls to see the leadership attributes you bring to your work.”

    Jacqueline Glass, At the Well Women’s Conferences

  • Testimonials

    “Your message said to those young people, who were listening to you so intently, that they can be successful in life too. They must make up in their minds that they want better than what they have. Thank you for sharing your skillful talent and your wisdom with a group of teens who really needed an encouraging word.”

    Vivian T, Youth Day Conferences

  • Testimonials

    "I liked the fact that she shared her experiences with us. It was fun and fabulous.”

    Andrea, 17 years


Workshop Facilitation

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Workshops (race, gender, and cultural context)
  • Professional Development Training (leadership skills, DEI)

Content Creation specializing in leadership development and health/WELLNESS topics

  • Multi-session culturally tailored youth curriculum
  • Interactive webinars and online educational panels
  • Data driven and research informed social awareness campaigns
  • Half-day events/retreats/conferences

Technical Assistance

  • Needs Assessment
  • Organizational Strategic Planning